“Big Shot” canceled on Disney +, Season 3 will not come!

“Big Shot”: When is season 3 coming?

The answer to this question will make fans of the series long faces – because it is: not at all! How “The Hollywood Reporter” reported, Disney+ has decided to cancel “Big Shot” and not present a third season. The finale of the second season is also the series finale.

“Big Shot” did not live up to expectations – despite Stamos being the driving force. The reviews were satisfactory (“Rotten Tomatoes” rating: 78 percent), but the streaming numbers may not have been. According to THR, former Disney Entertainment boss Peter Rice was heavily criticized for even allowing a second season. This decision is said to have been one of the reasons for his dismissal.

Incidentally, “Big Shot” is not the only Disney + series that does not last more than two seasons: “Mighty Ducks: Game Changer” will also not have a third season.

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