Black Friday 2021: keys to avoid scams on the day of discounts

The Black Friday 2021 It will take place on Friday, November 26. It is an initiative that is carried out at the same time as in the United States, the fourth friday in november, as a day of offers and discounts for consumers to advance their Christmas purchases.

In the United States, in addition, many stores take the opportunity to make a pre-party sale, which translates into incredible prices, queues, shoves and runs.

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Like any event related to online commerce, Black Friday attracts cybercriminals in terms of possible attacks related to misleading communications, vendor identity theft, and even fake stores.

A report by Check Point Research found a 178% increase in malicious websites, offering unsuspecting shoppers discounted deals of up to 85%. The global impact of these websites peaked since the beginning of November, with 1 in 38 corporate networks affected, on average per week, compared to 1 in 47 in October, and 1 in 352 earlier in 2021.

To avoid fraud during digital purchases, experts share the following tips:

How to avoid scams on Black Friday

  • Carry out purchases in official stores. Also, before finalizing the payment, verify that the address of the page where the transaction is made begins with https: //, which indicates that it is a safe place.
  • Use as a means of payment single card, frequently observing the status and movements of the bank account. Do not use deposit or transfer to pay for the product. Use cards because, if you are eventually scammed, you can claim the card and ask for a stop debit.
  • Do not enter links that can come up with offers through email, instant messaging or social networks. In the same way, choose mobile devices or personal computers to buy online and avoid using public WiFi networks and without a password.
  • Do an online search for the product you want to acquire, tracking referrals, comments, and evaluations. Also, compare prices in different places and see the relationship between value, quality and quantity of the good or service.
  • Verify company data with which the transaction will be carried out, even considering recommendations to know if it is a reliable company through the experience of other users. If a business is not attached to the campaign, verify that the business exists. Googling the web; find that they have a real address, a telephone number and try to contact them, search their social networks and see if they have a return and exchange policy.
  • When offers arrive by electronic means check that the person who is writing to us is genuinely the company that offers it. In the description of the email, it always says the name of the person who writes, but the address is usually hidden and that address is the one that reveals if the company or someone who wants to impersonate it is really writing. A Gmail address generally does not represent a business.
  • Save the ballot, invoice or electronic receipt. Having this document will allow you to make changes, make possible guarantees or claims in case of any failure with the product. Another important aspect is shipping, because the company with which the purchase is managed must provide a tracking number, a delivery time and a communication channel to clarify consumer doubts.
  • Take screenshots during the process of purchase -in which the time and date appear- in order to support the specific prices, the time of payment and when the transaction is finalized and approved successfully.

What is Black Friday

El Black Friday es one of the most important shopping and sales events in the country, along with the Hot Sale and Cyber ​​Monday. The initiative originated in the United States in the early 1960s and it quickly established itself as a classic day within the commercial calendar.

The success it brought with it was so resounding that, at the beginning of the 21st century, it also moved to the online world and to different countries, among which are Spain, Brazil and Argentina.

When is Black Friday 2021 in Argentina

Black Friday in Argentina takes place at the same time as in the United States, that is, the fourth Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving (or Thanksgiving) Thus, in 2021 the date of the event It will be Friday, November 26.

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