State of search Brazil 2021

With the arrival of Black Friday, the market has at least one big certainty: Brazilians will use the smartphone to search for information, prices or other aspects of products. A survey showed that none other than 93% of people in the country use their mobile device when seeking information.

This finding was demonstrated in the 2nd edition of the State of Search Brazil study, carried out by the SEO agency Hedgehog Digital, in partnership with Opinion Box, and provided exclusively to TechWorld. Between April and May of this year, the survey interviewed 3,141 people (over 16 years old) from all states of the country, social classes and genders.

Compared to last year’s edition, the survey shows an increase in the use of both cell phone and computer/notebook to perform internet searches. The study also shows that 63% of respondents search about the products they are wanting and then go back to the link they found on Google to buy.

“Consumers are more demanding and more detailed, searching in different channels, most of the time starting with a Google search”, argues Felipe Bazon, Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Hedgehog Digital.

Focus on other products

Another aspect shown in the State of Search Brazil 2021 is that the interest of Brazilians underwent a slight change. While last year the “dream of consumption” was smartphones, this time, it was shown that the most searched item category on Google were other electronics and white goods.

Bazon analyzes that this indicates that a lot of people are satisfied with the device itself and this time they are interested in offers of other products to enhance the home. Right after the technology, the most searched list shows the food and fashion categories.

consumer search

The search section was further impacted by the pandemic, as “cleaners” and “online supermarkets” were still among the most popular terms. Also on this topic, most respondents to the study said they are at least researching tourism in the same amount as before (36%). As tourism was one of the most affected sectors, the trend is that, with the end of social isolation, the search for travel packages, accommodation and tickets will increase even more in the coming months.

Why is research important?

With the consumer increasingly demanding, it will be more and more natural for him to research and compare prices before buying any product. The executive at Hedgehog Digital points out that Brazilians carry out, on average, five searches a day.

“Among the benefits, internet research provides access to information practically instantaneously, for example. And in addition to information, Brazilians are looking to buy, but not without first using price comparison tools as well. Education can be done. to say that it is the third main reason why Brazilians carry out searches”, he argues.

State of search Brazil

Bazon adds that there was a slowdown in e-commerce growth in the 2nd quarter this year, compared to the same period in 2020, as people have started to get vaccinated and restrictive measures have been reduced. Despite this, e-commerce is definitely here to stay. “The pandemic has caused many Brazilians to lose their fear of internet shopping and this confidence will continue to drive the segment’s growth for years to come,” he concludes.

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