Blocks and boxes announce sales for Carnival 2024; check values

There wasn’t even time to remove the glitter from the body, because the head is already thinking about the 2024 Carnival. from February 13, 2024.

Post Carnival arrived with a taste of wanting more and some blocks and boxes did not miss the opportunity to retain the revelers.

With that in mind, and with the public that wants to get ahead of themselves to guarantee their presence at the party in 2024, the iBahia prepared a list with all the blocks and cabins that have already confirmed their presence in the revelry and those that are open for sale. Check out:

Chameleon Block with Bell Marques Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Confirmed
Block da Quinta with Bell Marques Fifth Confirmed BRL 590.00
Afoxé Filhos de Gandhy Sunday and Tuesday at Avenida and Monday at Barra/Ondina Confirmed BRL 500.00
Happy Block Saturday Confirmed BRL 300.00
nana’s block Friday and Saturday Confirmed R$ 599.00 (Friday wedding), R$ 749.00 (Saturday wedding)
Salvador cabin Every day Confirmed Sales from the 27/02th
Club cabin Every day Confirmed From BRL 900.00 (female) and BRL 1,100.00 (male)
Lookout Cabin Confirmed no defined value Confirmed no defined value

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