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We have read numerous news reports about the destruction of amazon and the violation of human rights – even the right to health – of indigenous peoples, as happened with the Yanomami people in Brazil, whose crisis stems from a veritable invasion of their lands by illegal prospectors in search of gold.

But the news that reaches us is, for the most part, reported from the point of view of journalists who are not part of indigenous peoples, looking from the outside at this crisis, which is one of survival both for a way of life and for the forest itself.

In this episode of podcast Azul, the guest is Vilma Reis, a Brazilian journalist specializing in science journalism, who is doing her PhD at the University of Coimbra on the history of journalism made by native peoples on the problems that affect them.

Vilma Reis shows the portraits of Ailton Krenak and Mário Juruna
Francisco Oliveira

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