Boat driver who capsized on Ilha de Maré was warned of bad weather

the driver of capsized boat with passengers, near Praia das Neves, on Ilha de Maré, was warned about bad weather. The information was confirmed by Joceval Agripino, rescuer from Salvamar.

“I warned him about the number of people, which he would not be able to take, but even so, he left Praia das Neves, on the island, for São Tomé, in the suburbs. Halfway through, what was expected happened, the sinking and overturning of the vessel”, he told TV Bahia.

The case took place last Monday (20), during the carnival period. According to the Captaincy of the Ports of Bahia, 20 people were on board the vessel.

Still according to the server, who helped to rescue the passengers, he was not on duty at the time the vessel capsized, and still tried to prevent the boat from crossing.

“I made the alert, because I foresaw the situation. I saw the number of people on the vessel, he was putting it on, and the time,” said the rescuer.

Joceval Agripino explained that he got on the boat and asked the driver to get off. However, as he was not a civilian, he could not prevent the vessel from leaving.

“I even got on the boat, he ordered me to get off. Unfortunately, as I was undercover, as a civilian, it’s not up to me to stop it. I let the trip continue and I was monitoring”.

The rescuer claimed that he also tried to convince some passengers not to get on the vessel, but was not heard.

“I spoke to a young man: ‘Are you going to put your daughter at risk?’ I hope he’s listening and remembers what I said. A vessel that holds 10 people and he put 26 on it, that is serious”.

The Brazilian Navy informed, through a note, that after becoming aware of the incident, it sent a Search and Rescue (SAR) team to investigate the information and provide assistance.

“I was swimming, picking up people, using the circular buoy, a lifesaving material that every boat should have. I was rescuing all the people along with other people and putting them on my boat”, said the rescuer.

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