Bolsonaro articulates for Doria to win previews, evaluate PSDB chiefs - 10/13/2021

Apart from the directorate of the state of São Paulo, where it has a large majority, Rio Grande do Norte is João Doria’s great strength for the caucuses that will choose the PSDB candidate for president of the Republic. In the assessment of the high tucana summit, the governor of São Paulo can count on up to 85% of support in that state in the Northeast.

These votes are backed by the hard work of former deputy Rogério Marinho, now minister of Integration in the Jair Bolsonaro government and who still has great influence from the regional directory of the acronym. Marinho follows the orientation of the President of the Republic.

The assessment of toucans heard by the column is that Bolsonaro is rooting for Doria’s victory in the primary, because he believes that the governor of São Paulo will be much easier to be defeated in next year’s elections than Eduardo Leite from Rio Grande do Sul. The governor of Rio Grande do Sul is running against Doria for the position of candidate by the acronym.

Statements against the governor of São Paulo are widespread in conversations reserved at the national summit of the PSDB. But publicly, no one is willing to express the assessment that the party is at risk of falling apart if Doria is chosen by the party.

The governor of São Paulo is not seen as an aggregator. And heads of other legends with the potential to join the PSDB have already warned that they will not do so if Doria is a candidate. This is the case of the Democrats and the PSL, which are forming a single legend: União pela Brasil.

The ex-governor of Ceará Tasso Jereissati (CE), considered one of the main national names of the PSDB, however, gave up the nomination for the preliminaries and declared support for Eduardo Leite. The national president of the party, former deputy Bruno Araújo, also had a public disagreement with Doria, although he says that the fight is a thing of the past.

Eduardo Leite, on the other hand, although starting from a lower level in opinion polls, has a much higher aggregating potential than the governor of São Paulo.

Even in her state, Doria has collected powerful foes who refrain from expressing her opinions publicly. The departure of former governor Geraldo Alckmin from the legend is debited to Doria’s account.

Former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former governor José Serra and senator José Aníbal are some of the toucans from São Paulo who avoid publicly fighting Doria, but who are rooting against her nomination in the caucuses. As Paulistas, however, they cannot say this publicly.

On the contrary, Doria has already demanded and pulled out a public declaration of support from FHC. Now he wants the same from all the other high plumage toucans in his state. But even if he succeeds, these statements will not be taken seriously. As happened with Fernando Henrique Cardoso himself: he said he supports Doria, but no one in the PSDB believed him.

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