REINFORCEMENT - Faria: the Minister of Communications announced that he will join the PP -

Communications Minister Fábio Faria used a speech during a ceremony at Planaldo Palace to skewer former President Lula’s fetish for regulating the media and sell President Jair Bolsoanro as a defender of press freedom, despite repeated attacks .

“This president here, who at various times had clashes with the media, was wronged, talked, received, fought, but in no time, in no second, this president who is here on my side spoke of regulating the media […] Who is talking about regulating the media is not President Bolsonaro. Regulating the media is done in dictatorial countries. In a country of dictatorship, president, the media is regulated, the press can only speak well of the government”, declared Faria.

He then cited next year’s presidential elections and stated that the winner will not be those who want to regulate the media, but rather those who “preach freedom”.

In his speech, Bolsonaro quoted the minister’s speech and commented that press freedom is like water from a well, “you only appreciate it when you lose it.”

“Our press freedom, with all its flaws, must persist. As far as it depends on us, we will never have any measures aimed at censoring it. Never. with all its faults, it is better for her to speak than to remain silent”, declared Bolsonaro.

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