Wandering along the beaches of the south coast of São Paulo, where he has been resting since Friday, Bolsonaro created a peripatetic “pen”, where he occasionally talks with supporters and journalists, always separated by bars and security guards. .

With the same black jacket closed to the neck since he arrived, the president just doesn’t want to hear about problems. He soon loses his temper.

The 600,000 deaths? The water crisis? Inflation? The increase in electricity and gas bills? Nothing, it’s never his responsibility, it’s always the fault of others.

“It was governors and mayors who broke the economy, ask them. Do they want to put the economy on my account?”, he asks innocently, playing the victim, as if he were not the main responsible for economic policy. “They beat me until I couldn’t anymore last year, we’ll see the economy later. I see…”

Who is, after all, responsible for the economic policy of the Bolsonaro & Guedes government?

Summoned to report to the Chamber this Wednesday, Paulo “offshore” Guedes sneaked on Sunday to Washington, where he is going to participate in yet another meeting of the International Monetary Fund. And he gave Congress a banana. He only returns the day after the hearing, scheduled and confirmed in the Chamber by the government leader, Ricardo Barros.

Increasingly in tune with the boss, the Ipiranga Post ran out of fuel and without arguments to explain the implosion of the economy.

“Guedes blames inflation on food and energy and says that prices are rising all over the world,” says Thiago Rezende, in Folha.

What a beauty!, as Milton Leite would say. Does that mean that the whole world is now to blame, not his, the all-powerful commander of the Brazilian economy, by proxy of Bolsonaro, who always says he doesn’t understand anything about this subject?

If it’s always the fault of others, what do these two still do in government?

They can only be making fun of us, as the captain always makes a point of showing when he opens his mouth.

“We are in the biggest hydrological crisis (?) of the last 90 years, everyone was suffering from it, inflation followed, expensive energy, now it all came from that policy that you in the press supported, of stay at home”.

To applause and laughter from supporters, when reporters asked about the water crisis, he shrugged, as if he had nothing to do with it: “You can’t do a miracle. I called St. Peter…”

But what really irritated him was when he was asked about the 600,000 people killed in the pandemic, and he repeated three times: “Which country didn’t die people? Which country didn’t die people? Answer! Don’t… Look , I didn’t come here to bother me, please”.

Devotees raved about the “Myth” response, which got carried away with its own words:

“Don’t call me a denialist because, in December alone, in a Provisional Measure, I signed a check of R$ 20 billion to take the vaccine”, he claimed, as if the money were his.

He signed the check, but continued to campaign against vaccination, by showing its dangers and delaying the purchase of immunization agents, to open the way for friendly intermediaries, who began to circulate freely through the Ministry of Finance in search of good deals, selling a pig in a poke, as denounced by the senators of the CPI of Covid, who ended the mamata.

Staying at the Army’s transit hotel in Forte dos Andradas, Bolsonaro still found time to take a ride on a motorcycle and defend his veto on the supply of tampons for needy women and poor students.

“I’m a slave to the law, I can’t sanction a thing if I don’t have responsible sources of funds. I would be responding to an impeachment right now.”

No, Bolsonaro doesn’t have to worry about that. This danger he does not run, no matter how many laws he disrespects, because Arthur Lira is there, in high command of the Centrão, to guarantee his impunity. It will not be by providing tampons that this government will fall.

The way it goes, with Bolsonaro & Guedes outsourcing responsibilities for the crises that are shaking the country, they will end up blaming Brazilian voters – in which, by the way, they have a certain reason.

I would even like to change the subject this holiday, but they won’t let me. They are rogues.

Life goes on.


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