The president Jair Bolsonaro represents a risk to the Brazilian electoral process and its movements should be the focus of attention by institutions such as the Federal Supreme Court, the Electoral Court, Congress and the Public Ministry, points out the ONG Human Rights Watch, one of the most respected organizations for the defense of human rights in the world, in a global report published this Thursday, 13.

In the document, the entity, created in 1978 and based in New York, states that Bolsonaro has always sought to discredit the Brazilian electoral system, alleging fraud without any evidence, and recalls that he tried to restore the printed vote because he distrusted the electronic ballot box, in a constitutional amendment. presented by allies and rejected by Congress.

“Bolsonaro tried to weaken the pillars of democracy by attacking the judiciary and repeating baseless allegations of electoral fraud,” said Maria Laura Canineu, director of Human Rights Watch in Brazil. “With the October presidential elections approaching, the Federal Supreme Court, the Superior Electoral Court, the Federal Public Ministry, Congress and other democratic institutions must remain vigilant and resist any attempt by President Bolsonaro to deny Brazilians the right to vote. their leaders,” he added.

After giving a truce in the attacks on the electronic voting machine after the anti-democratic acts carried out by Bolsonarismo on September 7, Bolsonaro returned to the charge against the Brazilian electoral system on January 5, when granting an interview at Vila Nova Star Hospital, in São Paulo. Paulo, from where he had been discharged from a hospital to treat an intestinal obstruction.

“The Defense (Defense Ministry) asked about the fragility of the electronic voting machine and we are awaiting a response. Maybe it will convince us that we are wrong. If we are right, you can be sure that something has to be changed in the TSE. And it will not be with the bravado of anyone in Brazil that we will accept what they want to impose on our population”, he said.

Other reviews

In the report, the entity also lists what it considers a series of disrespect for human rights practiced by Bolsonaro in his government, such as the dissemination of false information about vaccines against Covid-19, the withdrawal of rights from indigenous peoples, attacks on the press. and the use of the National Security Act to intimidate at least seventeen critics of his administration.

This is the 32nd edition of Human Rights Watch’s World Report. With 752 pages (in the English version), the document analyzes human rights practices in almost 100 countries.

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