The Bolsonaro family’s migration from WhatsApp to Telegram is the most eloquent sign that the captain and his offspring are going into the 2022 race looking for trouble. The president’s in-app channel has passed the one million subscribers mark.

Unlike WhatsApp, which limits groups to 256 members and restricts the reach of messages replicated many times, Telegram follows the philosophy of minimal moderation. Authorizes groups with 200 thousand people. Allows unrestricted sharing.

thanks Due to its characteristics, the Telegram has come to be seen by specialists as a kind of wasteland in which fake news producers will throw electoral garbage and disinformation into next year’s campaign.

Telegram is a Russian company, with no representation in Brazil. Something that inhibits legal sanctions. And it makes possible partnerships with bodies such as the Superior Electoral Court, which is struggling to implement a program to Combat Disinformation in the 2022 election, unlikely.

Bolsonaro equips himself for foul play like a repeat offender. This is partly the responsibility of the TSE itself, which refrains from punishing the president for the perversions committed last summer.

The accusation of using WhatsApp messages as an electoral anabolic weighs against the Bolsonaro-Mourão ticket, elected in 2018. That’s a crime. The law does not support robots that fire material in favor of a candidate or his opponent.

It is suspected that the thing was financed with money that ran under the table, without going through the bookkeeping of the campaign.

Ultimately, the case could lead to the cancellation of the plate. However, the TSE delays the judgment, which encourages recidivism.

It’s not that crime doesn’t pay. The point is, when it pays off, it changes its name. It is now called campaign strategy.

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