Bolsonaro's electoral base has zombies for people who vote for hidden Lula - 01/12/2022 - Flavia Boggio

Recent polls show that Bolsonaro is increasingly farther away from candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the presidential election race.

A survey carried out by Datafolha, at the end of the year, shows that, in the first round, the PT would have 48% of the votes, against 22% for the current president.

With the poor management of the pandemic, economic crisis and environmental chaos, Bolsonaro’s low numbers are not surprising. What researchers are trying to understand is who are the individuals who, despite all the atrocities, insist on re-electing the president.

In order to investigate this voting intention, which is definitely malicious, some research centers went deep to investigate who, in fact, is the convinced Bolsonarista.

According to the Data Persona Institute, of the 21% of people who will vote for the president, only 10% are not really people, as they do not show any trace of humanity. Already 5% are not living humans, as they are dead inside. Another 5% are zombies, as they are brainless.

According to the Vox Replicant Center, of Bolsonar voters, 15% are Carluxo robots. The other 6% changed their minds when they checked the “I’m not a robot” option and discovered the truth.

Research by the Existential Focus points out that 23%, when asked about the reasons why they are going to vote for the president, went out to think and so far have not returned.

The Left in Armário Association points out that 23% of those who say they vote for Bolsonaro just say so. Just like a person in love with their ex, they will vote for Lula hidden from their friends.

According to Data Global, of the 21% of Bolsonaro voters, 6% are flat-Earthers. However, they refuse to use Waze, which navigates using the fact that the Earth is round. Therefore, they will not be able to reach the polls.

The Vox Crustacius Institute says that, of the 21%, 10% will not make it to the polls either, because, like the president, they don’t know how to chew. Before the elections, they will choke on shrimp — or, perhaps, squid.

The Vox Financial institute, on the other hand, 15% of voters who voted for Bolsonaro because they were a good citizen, gave up voting because, with the economic crisis, they currently do not have any assets.

Soon, we will publish new research.

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