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Within the growing movement to increase the number of readers of books, I will present in several installments books, in which I have had to do.

In this third installment I am going to present you two other books. For this I am going to use your Prologues, which have been written by me.

1- Prologue to the book “Come!”, By Melchor Maldonado. 2021
“In this prologue I want to note the following seven points:

1- Testimonial endorsed by the Doctrine of the Church
The first impression and perception I had is that this is a testimonial book. A book lived, practiced and endorsed by the Doctrine of the Church. It is very beautiful to be able to make a book about ministries that are lived, that are carried out, especially a topic such as charisms.

2- A layman
It is a layman who speaks. It gives me great joy because in my ministry I have tried to promote the laity in the different movements. He is a lay person who has charisms and that makes me very happy, because the power they receive is not only possessed by the priests, but also by them through the charisms. Therefore, it is the testimony of a lay person.

3- Evangelize with power
Let us note that the charisms, as discussed here, go hand in hand with evangelization. I always remember Father Emiliano Tardif, founder of the Community of Servants of the Living Christ, who said: “we must evangelize with power”; It is not only talking about the charisms, but also about evangelization, but this is done with the power of the Holy Spirit, in the preaching of the Gospel, accompanied by the power that charisms have.

4- Community of Servants of the Living Christ: Charismatic Community
I have to say that the author of this book moves around the Community of Servants of the Living Christ. This is a Charismatic Community, therefore it is united and linked to what the charisms are. Its founders: Father Emiliano Tardif, Maria San Giovanni, Deacon Evaristo, were charismatic. Therefore, belonging to a Community whose Houses are precisely so that the charisms and gifts can be manifested. It is a Community for, as one of its founders said, “to mobilize with power”.

5- Charisms of the Holy Spirit for all
I should note that the title of this book tells us about the charisms of the Holy Spirit for all. Everyone in the Church has a charism, but not all of us know which one. You have to find out.

6- Talk about the charism or gift of language
In the Seminary and in my theological formation, both in the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo, and in Rome, I studied the charisms. I knew about charisms, I could give talks about charisms and I can still speak about them, especially one: the gift of tongues. I could speak of the gift of tongues, but I had never experienced or seen it. The author of this book, Melchor, talks about the gift of tongues. Not only does he talk about it, he experiences it, he lives it. Therefore, once again I recall that it is a teaching accompanied by the testimonies of the practice.

7- Knowledge and healing.
Finally, I point out two charisms that attract a lot of attention: words of knowledge and healing. He lives them, I repeat, he practices them, and it is very beautiful to be able to say that in him there is a rule to know the charisms: the result. In the testimonies that are later received, the words of knowledge are testified by the facts. Therefore, the charisms are for everyone, to discover their own and put them into practice, as the author has done ”.

2- Prologue to the first edition of the book “Elecciones”, of the conference of the Dominican episcopate. 2008
“The Conference of the Dominican Episcopate, since the 1962 elections, has issued at least one Message for practically every election, dedicated only to this issue. They add up to a total of twenty-seven. In seven other documents, not precisely on elections, he has also referred to this issue, in a shorter way. Actually, the Dominican bishops have given very serious and comprehensive follow-up and accompaniment to the country’s electoral processes. The whole of his teaching is equivalent to a small treatise on the subject.

In its Message of February 27, 1996, entitled: It is urgent to move from words to action, the Dominican Episcopate affirms: “We believe that in the Dominican Republic everything that should be said has already been said. Everything that we, the bishops, from our mission as pastors, could say about our ills; our possibilities, on our strengths and weaknesses, on economic and political work, on the good choice in an electoral contest, we have already said it: what is necessary and urgent in the Dominican Republic is action ».

The purpose now is to rigorously organize this set in its entirety, year by year, to offer what the bishops have said “about the good choice in an electoral contest”, collected in a single volume that collection of criteria that are valid for any time of elections and out of it. They will be cited verbatim, and at the end of the citations the year in which each criterion was issued, as well as those years in which it was repeated in another document, will be entered. The compilation of this work brings together texts extracted from a documentation that covers a period of 46 years, and curiously, the points covered have yielded 46 topics, which does not necessarily mean one topic per year ”.


I CERTIFY that the contents of my work were the forewords written by me to the aforementioned books.

I GIVE FAITH in Santiago de los Caballeros, on the twenty-third (23) day of the month of September of the year of the Lord 2021.

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