According to Duque, the reopening date is the Wednesday December 1st, day in which the transport in general will be able to cross to the 2 countries without any prohibition.

The border had been closed to prevent the COVID-19 virus from circulating in both directions, but with this announcement, what is planned is to have health controls on each side of the border “to guarantee the safety of citizens,” he explained.

“Opening goes hand in hand with facilitating that Ecuadorian transporters can enter Colombian territory to make their merchandise deliveries and that Colombian transporters can do the same in Ecuador ”, clarified Iván Duque.

And he added that this action aims to return to the area its commercial importance: “This marks a return to competitiveness and trade relations. to give dynamism to the economic reactivation ”.

The news was delivered at a joint press conference between the two presidents, who took the opportunity to reaffirm their bilateral relations and commit to working together on common goals.

Among the shared tasks are caring for the environment, strengthening security in the border area, fighting terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as aspects of prison security, repatriation of prisoners and others.

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In video, the announcement of Iván Duque with Guillermo Lasso:

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