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The group would include former members of the Concertación and Nueva Mayoría governments. Izkia Siches resigned from Colmed and came to command. Carlos Montes also joined.

The support and incorporations to the work teams, facing the second round, do not stop. Today in the morning Gabriel Boric, candidate for La Moneda of the I Approve Dignity pact, is expected to present his new economic team.

Although at the close of this edition the conversations continued to add new incorporations, up to now, representatives have been mentioned such as the former Treasurer General of the Republic, Hernán Frigolett; the ex-secretary of Economy of Ricardo Lagos, Álvaro Díaz; and the former Minister of the Environment and program coordinator of the candidacy of Yasna Provoste, Marcelo Mena.

In fact, Mena yesterday posted on his Twitter a photo with Boric, in which he wrote: “Supporting to strengthen a transformative program for people and their environment.”

Stephany Griffith-Jones economist and member of Boric’s advisory board.

Siches support

The announcement of new figures comes after an intense day of support for the candidacy of the deputy for Magellan, which began with the resignation of Izkia Siches to the presidency of the Medical College to join the ranks of Boric.

“I myself am surprised by my decision, leaving was not in my plans, but important things demand great challenges, great sacrifices,” said the doctor. He specified that his commitment is to the candidacy, but also to the candidate’s government. “I will be available to collaborate with the government of Gabriel Boric, wherever he assigns me,” he said.

The name of the doctor joins that of the former senator of the socialist party, Carlos Montes, who is also already part of the command of the letter of Approve Dignity.

The Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) also made its support official in this second round and called on the workers to vote for him.

Silvia Silva, its president, specified that the call is not out of fear, but rather out of conviction.

He said that Boric has shown himself as a dialogue candidate, and open to listening to the workers. “He has been the only candidate who has proposed that, within the first 100 days of his mandate, he will form a Social Dialogue Commission to design, with everyone, a plan for economic reactivation and job creation for Chile,” he said.

The mayor of Renca, Claudio Castro (exDC), also gave his support to Boric yesterday and met with him and a group of leaders of the commune.

The Horizonte Ciudadano Foundation -created by former president Michelle Bachelet- gave its support “without ambiguity” to the broad front, as did the Fundación Iguales.

“It is far from extreme”

In the morning, Stephany Griffith-Jones, a member of the MP’s economic advisory council, published a letter in the British newspaper Financial Times, responding to an article published on Saturday titled “Chile on the edge as voters lean to extremes ahead of the elections ”. The director of financial markets at Columbia University’s Initiative for Policy Dialogue criticized that the headline “is unclear at best and a bit misleading at worst.”

Griffith-Jones called Kast “far-right” in his letter. He argued that the president admires Augusto Pinochet and the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

In addition, he defined him as an “ultra-conservative in economic, social, environmental and cultural matters.”

He defended that Boric “is a man of the left, but his program is far from extreme.” He explained that the candidate and his proposals advocate a transition to a “fairer” economy with low carbon emissions. This, with a “significant boost” for investment in projects such as green hydrogen and lithium, and further development of solar energy.

He recalled that the way to finance his reforms would be an increase in taxation, making the tax system more progressive.

This, according to the expert, would bring the total tax in Chile, as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), to levels similar to the average for OECD countries.



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