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Andrea Repetto, Roberto Zahler, Ricardo Ffrench-Davis and Felipe González will be part of the academic advisory space. In addition, Ricardo Lagos announced yesterday that he will vote for the candidate of Approve Dignity.

The second presidential round has the commandos of Gabriel Boric (I Approve Dignity) and José Antonio Kast (Christian Social Front) working at full speed to reach the majority and prevail at the polls on December 19. Expanding teams -especially the economic one- and adding emblematic support have been some of the most recent movements of the standard-bearer of the Broad Front, which has summoned respected figures from the center-left to its ranks.

On Monday night, the deputy for Magallanes reported the incorporation of the U. Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) academic, Andrea Repetto, and the former president of the Central Bank, Roberto Zahler.

Andrea Repetto Academic Adolfo Ibáñez University. Roberto Zahler
Former President of the Central Bank

They will also join, from a technical role, the doctor in Economics from Chicago, Ricardo Ffrench Davis, and the academic from the Institute of Economics of the Catholic University, Felipe González.

Boric confirmed in the program True Lies of La Red that the conversations with the first two well-known economists were successful, specifying that they will join -as French-Davis and González- to its economic academic advisory council, to “review and improve the proposals of our program “.

The dynamics and themes

This council, which will hold regular meetings with Boric and his economic team, is coordinated by the economist Claudia Sanhueza, who will also act as a link between them. It is a consultative space and not of definitions, and everything that is discussed within the instance is used as input by Boric.

To date, workshops have been held on tax reform, pensions, national development banking and health. In addition, the programmatic team of the command has prepared a fiscal consolidation proposal, which will be presented “soon” to the advisory body, for it to make comments.

“The political situation after the parliamentary election and the first round makes it necessary to have a broad dialogue around the proposed objectives to guarantee their viability,” Sanhueza said.

At the moment, all the directors are invited to participate in each of the topics, but there are members who have more experience in certain topics than in others. For example González, a doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley, is focused on collaborating on issues related to political economy and the functioning of the State.

Ffrench-Davis announced yesterday his support for Boric, noting that “apart from voting for him, I am joining.” In conversation with Radio Infinita, the academic stated that he is glad that Repetto and Zahler are joining the advisory council, pointing out that they are “a good company, so that they can collect our ideas.”

“There is a huge difference between Boric and Kast. So, I want Boric to come out and make his program better,” said the economist.

The council is integrated, in addition to those already mentioned, by the academic from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile (FEN), Dante Contreras; the former coordinator of the economic team of the former socialist presidential candidate Paula Narváez, Daniel Hojman; Stephany Griffith-Jones, Director of Financial Markets at the Columbia University-based Initiative for Policy Dialogue; the economist Pamela Jervis; the international consultant in environmental economics, Rodrigo Pizarro; and the FEN academic, Fabián Duarte.

Duarte explained that the council is a space for dialogue with economists specialized in various topics, whose suggestions and comments are listened to and serve as inputs to make decisions. But, he clarified that the definitions of the government plan are determined by the candidate.

Emblematic support

Boric also added emblematic support from the center-left this Wednesday: former President Ricardo Lagos declared that in the second round he will vote for the broad front. “What I am, what my history is, my past, obviously at this juncture I have to say (Gabriel) Boric,” he said.

In conversation with Radio Duna, the ex-president described the candidate as “someone democratic par excellence” and highlighted his “broad criteria”. He stressed that “fortunately, we have a person who I think has the potential to also have the necessary leadership to guide citizens.”

And he added: “I have a character in front that I think can give the width.”

Boric thanked Lagos for their support, calling it “a valuable gesture, which I respect.”

From Congress, he declared that he has spoken with the former head of state, and said that “it coincides with his history of fighting for democracy (…) I am not surprised, I appreciate it, and we are going to continue talking.”

The presidential candidate also met with the bench of the Party for Democracy (PPD) and parliamentarians and leaders of the Socialist Party. “We decided and we know that we have a duty to speak to all Chileans and that message has found acceptance in all the parties that today are opposition to the bad government of Sebastián Piñera,” he said later.



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