Borinsky gave a course on a site linked to Lorenzetti and the ruling party erupted in criticism

With a complaint against him and an investigation in the evidence collection phase, Mariano Borinsky, one of the judges of the Cassation Chamber who is being investigated for his visits to former President Mauricio Macri in the Olivos farm, gave a talk on Wednesday in the course “Axes of the Accusatory System”, and raised questions in the ruling party. It is an activity that has the endorsement of a website linked to the Minister of the Supreme Court Ricardo Lorenzetti.

In the early hours of Tuesday, María Bourdin, Lorenzetti’s right-hand man and editor of the portal, published on his Twitter account a flyer to promote Borinsky’s exhibition within the framework of a course they organized together with the Association of Federal Judges (Ajufe), made up of magistrates from all over the country.

They denounce Mariano Borinsky for visits to Mauricio Macri and the investigation against Gustavo Hornos advances

The diffusion of the activity did not take long to trigger reactions. The main one was the national deputy of the Frente de Todos Rodolfo Tailhade, who shared the post and opined that Borinsky “He should be in prison but he gives courses and the Supreme Court sponsors him.”

The tone of the criticism is not accidental. The legislator of the ruling party was one of the signatories of the complaint filed last June against the chambermaid after the portal The uncovering revealed that Borinsky would have entered at least 15 times to play paddle tennis for the fifth presidency between 2016 and 2019 while in parallel he made relevant decisions in causes related to then-senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Kirchner leaders.

Borinsky and the investigation into the visits to Macri

The complaint against Borinsky was presented last June with the signature of the pro-government deputies Leopoldo Moreau and Eduardo Valdes, and joined a previous cause for the call “Judicial Table” that the Minister of Justice had started Martin Soria. However, the chambermaid Leopoldo Bruglia understood that the presentation of the deputies had to be channeled separately, for which he sent the file to the court of Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi, with the intervention of the prosecutor Alejandra Mángano.

Lorenzetti launched a judge opinion portal but there are already some who do not want to publish

In July, the tax representative charged the chambermaid and Mauricio Macri. He also asked to expand the investigation based on the incorporation of test measures to determine if the meetings between the judge and the former president “They were an occasion for undue influence to extract judicial decisions”, according to its resolution. With that impulse, Mángano sought to establish whether the meetings resulted in judicial decisions against Cristina Kirchner and its officials, as the complaint maintains.

According to what judicial sources have reported to PROFILE, at present the decisions regarding the case are in the hands of the judge who has pending a series of measures that aim to establish whether the accusation of undue influence of Macri on the official is valid. judicial. However, no relevant decisions have been made and the file has been paralyzed for some months.

Elisa Carrió asked that a report on the “judicial table” against her be declared null.

It is worth remembering that Macri himself acknowledged that Borisnky had visited him at the presidential residence while he was in charge of the Executive Branch. In fact, in statements to All News had stated that Borinsky “is a judge who made a very good Penal Code proposalay he played tennis simultaneously several times with me because we had mutual friends “.

Tailhade’s criticism and the organization’s response

Borinsky’s exhibition is scheduled for this Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. and will be broadcast through YouTube’s Publyca. In a query from this medium, Tailhade insisted with his questions by stating that “Instead of giving classes on the Accusatory Process, (Borinsky) should promote it since the system does not work because it does not suit judges like him because it attacks their positions of privilege “.

The legislator redoubled the bet and maintained that “in any serious country, a judge like Borinsky would have already been removed and imprisoned for committing crimes from the Magistracy “.

From the organization of the activity, for their part, they preferred not to focus on the questions but defended the chambermaid’s exposure since “It takes place in an open space in which we are oriented to the academic activities of the judges.”

A Supreme Court report details the disqualifications of Let’s change judges

As mentioned, the talk is endorsed by Publyca, a portal that was launched a few months ago and that received the blessing of Lorenzetti, the minister of the Court who was one of the first to publish an opinion column and then make an exhibition in which members of the Judiciary and the general public participated.

Regarding Borinsky’s activity, from the courtier’s environment they said that he was aware of the activity of the chambermaid investigated for his meetings with Macri. “How can you not know”, they indicated. And, in that sense, they remarked that although the discussions are understood, the activity does not represent any “position taking” or way of doing politics. “The cause is running its course, there is nothing hidden here”Another source linked to the organization told PROFILE.

Tuesday afternoon, Borinsky was one of the many judicial officials who participated in the presentation of the book “The New Enemy”by Ricardo Lorenzetti. The event was held at the Alvear Hotel where the chambermaids Gustavo Hornos, Martín Irurzun, judges, prosecutors, businessmen and actresses also participated.

Regarding the course, it is worth noting that before the participation of the head of the Federal Chamber there were also other judges such as Diego Barrotaveña, of the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation, and Diego Molea, President of the Council of the Magistracy. Days later, Mariana Catalano, a member of the Federal Chamber of Salta, did.


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