British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves the official residence at 10 Downing Street (file)

Scandals continue over clandestine celebrations at the official government headquarters British. In this kind of endless party that reveals itself by dropper, the newspaper The Telegraph revealed two other social gatherings during times of restrictions against the COVID-19.

Now the complaints point to two farewell parties that would have taken place no less than the night before Prince Philip’s funeral, last April, an event that had a limited number of guests and where strict social distancing was governed by the pandemic of coronavirus.

Downing Street staff drank alcohol into the wee hours at those two events, according to the report. That Friday, April 16, 2021, Britain is in a period of official mourning. Flags in public buildings were at half mast to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband the week before.

In a private chapel at Windsor Castle, the London newspaper recalls, the prince’s coffin lay overnight. The next day the queen, her face covered by a black mask, would say goodbye to her 73-year-old partner. And sat alone by the rules of distancing.

“However, the atmosphere in Downing Street that Friday night was quite different. Public officials and advisers met after work at two separate events to mark the departure of two colleagues, ”says the investigation by The Telegraph.

One was James Slack, Johnson’s director of communications. The other was one of Johnson’s personal photographers. According to witnesses present at the events, there was alcohol in excess and dancing for long hours.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves the official residence at 10 Downing Street (file)

This is the most recent revelation of the apparent laxity that governed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s seat of government, contrary to the rigid impositions on social life that the rest of British citizens had to comply with.

According to government recommendations, you could not socialize indoors “except with your home or bubble of support”, and you could meet outdoors, even in gardens, but “in groups of six people or two households.”

The witnesses related to The Telegraph that the two meetings were held first in different parts of the compound, before coming together as the evening wore on. In all, about 30 people attended the two meetings combined.

The ITV television network revealed this week another clandestine meeting, where a hundred people had also been invited to the government headquarters, in an event that would be held with “social distance”, on May 20, 2020. Finally there were about 40 guests who attended.

And earlier it had also been revealed that on December 18, 2020, still under strict confinement, a party was held that was attended by “dozens” of people.


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