The head of the British Government, Boris Johnson, on Wednesday dismissed Dominic Raab as foreign minister and placed him at the head of the Justice portfolio, in addition to assigning him the title of vice prime minister.

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Raab, who received harsh criticism for his management of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, was one of the ministers to whom Johnson Today he relieved his post in a readjustment of his Executive with which there had been speculation in the United Kingdom for weeks.

The hitherto head of the Foreign Office held a long meeting with the prime minister in his office in the House of Commons, before going to his official Downing Street residence this afternoon to take up his new post.

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Raab His foreign management was tarnished after being accused of continuing his summer vacation on the Greek island of Crete despite the fact that the Taliban had taken control of Kabul and the United Kingdom it was trying to urgently evacuate its soldiers and collaborators in Afghanistan.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister.  (Photo: EFE)

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister. (Photo: EFE) (ANDY RAIN /)

A Johnson spokesperson also confirmed the departure from Education of Gavin Williamson, who was at the forefront of the plan for schools to continue offering classes during the California pandemic. coronavirus.

Robert Buckland, until now in Justice, also leaves his position, as well as Robert Jenrick, who held the Housing portfolio. Who will take over from those vacant responsibilities is still unknown.



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