Jorge Arias Jr. and Jorge Arias Sr., boxer and trainer, symbols of Las Heras boxing.

The boxer from Mendoza, Jorge “Junior” Arias was first in the ranking of the Argentine Boxing Federation, in the heavyweight category.

On the day the Argentine boxer day, the Lasherino fighter spoke with Via Mendoza: “Is a responsibility, but I take it easy. I found out about the ranking a couple of days ago and as I always say, I take boxing with all the spices that this sport offers you. I enjoy it.”, Arias Jr. sentenced.

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Jorge Arias Jr. and Jorge Arias Sr., boxer and trainer, symbols of Las Heras boxing.

Jorge Alejandro Arias, after imposing a unanimous ruling on August 28 on points, the Buenos Aires Kevin Espindola on The Clavelinas, Engineer Maschwitz, Buenos Aires, the Argentine Boxing Federation published the new ranking where Jorge “Junior” Airas appears in the first place in the heavyweight category.



While waiting for the fight for him to be confirmed South American title, Arias summarized the fight won against Espíndola: “It was a fight that we had to adjust details about what was planned. The experience from the corner (led by his father Jorge Arias), allowed us to carry out the fight safely ”.

The peel failure was: Alejandro Bokser 59/55; Maximiliano Dolce 59/55 and Mirta Jara 58/56. Regarding the decision of the judges, Arias said: “From the third round I knew it was won, that’s why I told my father in the corner, that I was calm that’s why I regulated the energies and won a fight very important”.

Yes OK “Junior ”Arias did not confirm nothing about the fight for the South American title, everything indicates that it will take place next October 23 against the experienced Cordoba boxer, “Chiquito” Bracamonte of 130 kilos.


Jorge “Junior” Arias, the boxer from Las Heras with international projection.

Jorge Arias, the experienced coach

With 40 tied to boxing, Jorge Arias he was guiding several boxers who came to fight internationally.

Next to Diego Gimenez, in charge of the physical preparation of boxers, is recognized as national and international level. He currently works alongside “Chino Madiana Promotions”.

His entire family is linked to boxing, daughter, wife, son, even grandchildren, but “At home we don’t talk about boxing”, and highlighted “In the gym I’m not Junior’s father, and he knows that he is not Arias’s son. That is the key. “

Juniors Arias was born together with boxing “participating” from a very young age in training for Pablo Chacon or the “Cotón” Reveco: “Today is your turn”said Arias Sr., who has almost 100 guys, in their gym located on San Miguel and Formosa streets in the Panquehua district, Las Heras.

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Argentine boxer day

The September 14, is commemorated on the Day of the Argentine Boxer in homage to the fight between Luis Ángel Firpo and Jack Dempsey, who clashed at the Polo Grounds of New York, USA, for the world heavyweight title. That combat was called the “Fight of the Century.”

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