little boy
Photo taken from Facebook

In social networks, the story of a small 8-year-old boy went viral, who “works” gluing acrylic nails to collect money and be able to pay for the surgery of his little brother, who apparently must undergo various procedures.

Through his Facebook page, the boy identified as Gabriel Aarón, who resides in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, captivated his followers with his work, not only because of the intentions for which he did it, but also because of the dedication and commitment that puts you.

Hello, I’ll be applying nails all the time, even if it’s night. I want to help my brother in his operations. I don’t have money, but I want to support my mother, ”the boy commented in his Facebook post.

The little boy said that he does not feel obliged to do this activity, on the contrary, he enjoys doing it and when he grows up he wants to become an instructor for nail application.

Hundreds of users have praised the minor’s actions and his intentions to help his little brother.

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