Took Brad Pitt's role: Gil Bellows as Tommy in The Condemned

The Condemned is an absolute masterpiece: The epic about the lives of the two prison inmates Andy (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman) creates a unique, life-changing work with intoxicating drama and a terrific screenplay has topped many lists as the best film of all time for many years. A fact that Brad Pitt in particular should have noticed.

The Hollywood star was originally supposed to play a role in Frank Darabont’s exceptional drama. He skipped them for a movie though, who turns to his personal

Nightmare developed.

Brad Pitt cancels one of the best films ever for the most hated role

Took Brad Pitt’s role: Gil Bellows as Tommy in The Condemned

As Darabont explains in an interview (via USA Today ), he had already cast Pitt for the role as inmate Tommy: A small but important appearance, which sets the big highlight of the film going. According to the director, the fact that the part finally went to Gil Bellows was due to Pitt’s burgeoning star status:

We didn’t know that Pitt would become a superstar so quickly. When he was finally supposed to compete, wanted [er und seine Agentur] do not stand by their promised roles.

Brad Pitt’s sudden reputation as a new star in the Hollywood sky was due in particular to the success of the road movie Thelma & Louise. As a result, he concentrated on roles with higher star potential than The Condemned could offer him at the time. Instead, he committed himself to a fantasy epic that at least turned into a personal disaster for him.

Brad Pitt had no fun at all with Tom Cruise

Interview with a vampire initially seemed to suit his new taste: an epic drama with a classic motif for a wide audience and, last but not least, Tom Cruise as the box office puller. However, the reality during the shoot was different (via Entertainment Weekly ):

I felt terrible. [Aufgrund der Nachtdrehs] 6 months of shitty darkness. [Tom Cruises Rolle] is great, however there was just nothing for me to do except sit around and wait. At some point it broke me. I asked [Produzent] David Geffen, what it would cost me to leave the film. He said very calmly, ‘$ 40 million.’

Since he couldn’t afford the amount, he had to stay: his appearance as bloodsucker Louis became one of Brad Pitt’s most hated roles. So you could easily think that he still painfully pursues the missed chance of The Condemned. Pitt is calm in this regard (via USA Today ):

It would have been cool in [Die Verurteilen] to play along, but I have no regrets. I believe in the way things turn out: that was just the role for someone else. If I had accepted the role, other things might not have happened later. It all depends.

There is little objection to such an almost Buddhist philosophy of equanimity. From a financial perspective, his stance is understandable: While the convicts flopped at the cash registers, the interview with a vampire was a success.

Nonetheless, the actor clearly doesn’t remember his bloodsucker role fondly. Could the vampire debacle have been avoided for Pitt? Who knows. But one thing is certain: cash flop or not, the condemned is good with his cast as he is. Namely, almost perfect.

Can you imagine Brad Pitt in The Condemned?

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