All wrong with the umpires in these Major League Baseball playoffs, with several controversial markings and (worse than nothing) directly interfering with the results of the games.

Yesterday we just gave you a summary here with the worst of the umpires up to that moment, from the terrible averages of precision and consistency, to the disaster of the added runs through the numerous bad markings in almost ALL the games of the post-season:

But, we just did not include what turned out to be the last and definitive game of the series between Brewers and Braves, where we once again had a terrible performance from the umpire and it was once again definitive for the scoreboard and the series.

Until yesterday, the Red Sox was the team that had benefited the most from the markings., with a game (the last one) that could in fact have been for Tampa but it turns out that it is now not the only one.

Tony Randazzo did it as well, having a 90% accuracy in his markings and a total of 1.04 runs added to the scoreboard. In FAVOR of Atlanta!

What does this mean? That if they had done well, the Braves would have had 1.04 fewer runs, and do you remember yesterday’s result? Yes, 5-4 please Atlanta. Minus 1.04?

Milwauke 4 – Atlanta 3.96

Why do you criticize MLB playoff umpires?

And why not? With markings like these.

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