Brazil Achieves Lowest Historical Transmission Rate of Covid, Says Imperial College

With more than 600 thousand deaths registered as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, covid-19 is consistently losing strength in Brazil. Since it began to be measured in April last year, the transmission rate — also known as the Rt or R rate — has reached the lowest number ever recorded in the country. This is what the latest survey by the Imperial College of London, released on Monday (11), points out.

In Brazil, the covid-19 transmission rate is calculated at 0.60. This calculation considers the average of the estimated deaths in the comparison of the last two weeks and is an important indicator of the epidemic’s situation. When it is less than 1, the rate points to a disease control scenario.

Brazil achieves lowest historical transmission rate of covid-19 (Image: Reproduction/ Imperial College London)

It is worth noting that, according to the National Consortium of Press Vehicles, 46.8% of the Brazilian population is fully immunized against covid-19. The percentage is equivalent to 99.9 million people with the complete vaccination schedule — two doses or a single dose immunizer. In addition, the booster dose was given to more than 2.4 million people.

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Baud rate less than 1

In general, when the transmission rate is greater than 1, each infected person transmits the infection to more than one person and covid-19 advances. After all, every 100 infected patients must transmit the coronavirus to another 100 healthy people, that is, there is no fall, just maintenance of the rates.

Now, with the rate at 0.6, every 100 patients transmit covid-19 to 60 healthy people and the perception is that the disease tends to be controlled, as the number of new cases starts to drop, significantly. Due to the margin of error of the calculated statistics, this rate can be higher (0.79) or lower (0.24). In both scenarios, there is a decline in covid-19 in Brazil.

The survey by the Imperial College in London still estimates that Brazil should register around 1,600 deaths this week — ranging from 942 to 1,820. This number is already lower than recorded last week, of 1,636 deaths.

Source: Imperial College London e G1

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