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The total number of people who were infected by the new coronavirus reached 21,019,830. Within 24 hours, health authorities confirmed 13,406 positive diagnoses. Yesterday, the pandemic information panel counted 21,019,830 accumulated cases.

There are still 323,616 cases in follow-up. The definition is given to active cases of people who have had a confirmed diagnosis and are being cared for by health teams or recovering at home.

The sum of Brazilians who lost their lives to the pandemic reached 587,797 people. Between yesterday and today, 731 deaths were recorded because of the disease. Yesterday, the pandemic information system registered 587,066 deaths.

There are still 3,386 deaths under investigation. In these situations, diagnoses depend on test results completed only after the patient has died.

The number of people who recovered from covid-19 reached 21,108,417. This corresponds to 95.7% of people infected in Brazil since the beginning of the pandemic.

The data are in the daily balance of the Ministry of Health, released late on Tuesday (14). The update consolidates the survey carried out by the health departments.

The data in general are smaller on Sundays and Mondays due to the difficulty of feeding the system by the state secretariats. On Tuesdays, the results tend to be higher due to the regularization of records accumulated during the weekend.

State – At the top of the ranking of deaths by state are São Paulo (147,444), Rio de Janeiro (64,077), Minas Gerais (53,732), Paraná (38,163) and Rio Grande do Sul (34,510). At the bottom of the list are Acre (1,816), Amapá (1,963), Roraima (1971), Tocantins (3,719) and Sergipe (6,003).

Vaccination – Until early Tuesday night (14), the Ministry of Health’s vaccination panel had no new updates. Until this Tuesday, the system marked 212.8 million doses applied, being 138.6 million of the 1st dose and 74.1 million of the 2nd dose. In the last 24 hours, 1.9 million doses were applied.

When considering only the consolidated data in the National Immunization Program (PNI) system, 201.9 million doses were applied, of which 131.9 million were from the 1st dose and 70 million from the 2nd dose.

Also according to the vaccination panel, 259.4 million doses were distributed, with 256.4 million doses being delivered.

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