Brazil in a pepperoni pizza - 01/14/2022 - Cozinha Bruta

While the Russians prepare for war and half of Brazil collapses in the rain, Twitter continues to produce top-notch entertainment with its pointless polemics.

This week, my favorite concerns pepperoni pizza: should it or shouldn’t it have cheese?

Once again, food is the backdrop for the exchange of offenses between São Paulo and non-Paulistas. It was like that with the couscous from the bandeirante lands, considered an abomination by the yellow corn couscous activists of the northern territories.

As for pizza, apparently, São Paulo is the only place in the country where the pepperoni topping is made with sausage and onions; in other places, the onion comes out and the cheese comes in.

A post with 5432 retweets (until noon on Friday, 14th) says that “one of the darkest things about SP is not even something in the city itself, but the predominant and inexplicable existence of the pepperoni pizza WITHOUT CHEESE.” Hmm.

And go on. “The sausage is loose, loose, resting on dry bread. If it leans, it falls. If it’s windy, it flies.”

In the comments, non-Paulista troops agree with such statements and accuse São Paulo pizzerias of misguiding them: many feel cheated by ordering pepperoni pizza and not receiving cheese.

Firm in their trench, the army of Piratininga argues that this is the birthplace of pepperoni pizza, that it never had cheese and that it should be. The rest of the country is defiled with ketchup a gastronomic treasure of São Paulo. Who wants cheese on their sausage, order the Tuscan pizza.

It sounds like a stupid argument, which it really is.

Step away from the cheese’s merit, however, to realize that all this noise says a lot about the progressive Brazilian tweeter. People who talk about diversity and empathy, but deal very poorly with cultural differences in their most mundane aspects, even if in jest (I want to believe).

Everyone is wrong in this fight.

Pro-cheese are wrong because they censor what is unfamiliar to them. It is the logic of the Brazilian who leaves the country and complains about the lack of rice and beans. If you’re going to travel that way, stay home and save some money.

As for the old-timers from São Paulo, they resort to the litany of authenticity and respect for tradition. Old man, what a boring chat. Recipes change, traditions break, food changes. Good thing it is.

You’ll see what the Japanese, all right, did with Italian spaghetti in a dish called naporitan: They put ketchup. Just like Brazilians with Russian stroganoff. Just like the cariocas with the venerable pizza from São Paulo.

In time: I like pepperoni pizza with cheese and without cheese, preferably with cheese AND onion. As long as the sausage is not that garbage made with meat mechanically separated from the chicken carcass, used in 99% of pizzerias in Brazil – São Paulo included.

In this silly discussion about pizza, even the pizza is wrong.

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