Brendan Fraser: The Oscar Winner’s 5 Best Movies

“LA Crash” won the Oscar for best picture in 2006 – a decision that polarizes to this day. Many criticize that the Academy’s top prize should have gone to “Brokeback Mountain”. Still admirable: “LA Crash” won all three categories in which it was nominated. The film focuses on diverse stories set in Los Angeles that explore racial relations and tensions, social dynamics, and class struggles.

Brendan Fraser stars as a prosecutor who finds himself in a moral dilemma while trying to win re-election, alongside Matt Dillon, Thandie Newton, Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle and Sandra Bullock. While many consider LA Crash to be the worst Best Picture winner of all time, it’s still a great film with Brendan Fraser giving a very convincing performance as a supporting actor.

“LA Crash” is available to watch for free on the Prime Video channel Arthouse Cinema. The film can also be rented and bought on Prime Video, Apple TV+ and the Sky Store. Here’s the movie!

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