Bricklayer killed in PM action is buried in Salvador

The victim died in the neighborhood of Alto do Coqueirinho, in Salvador. The Military Police claim that the man would have reacted during the approach of the teams. The family denies the version and says that there was police violence.

The corporation explained that agents from the Independent Tactical Policing Company (CIPT) Rondesp Atlântico were making rounds when they came across a group of individuals, who would have shot at them. There was a retaliation and the suspects would have fled and hidden in real estate and in a shrubland area in the region.

Still according to the PM, the mason would be among the men and, upon seeing a PM isolated from the others, advanced against him with a knife. The soldier shot at the man who, after being arrested, was immediately rescued and taken to Roberto Santos Hospital, but did not resist his injuries.

With him, according to the corporation, a knife, 14 portions of marijuana and other materials would have been seized. Everything would have been forwarded to the Internal Affairs of the Military Police, where the occurrence was formalized.

Rui Andrade’s family, however, told TV Bahia that the man, who had been working as a bricklayer for over 40 years, was sleeping when the house where he lived was broken into by military police. “The military policeman who took my father’s life just woke him up to kill him”, said Paula Andrade, the mason’s daughter.

Paula also detailed that her father did not take five steps until he was shot five times in the abdomen, with rifle shots. She also denied the version that the bricklayer was immediately rescued by the police. The victim’s daughter said that Rui was killed at just after midnight and did not arrive until about three hours later.

“I ask and I want an answer: what did he do with my father in that time to get him to Roberto Santos at 3am? I need an answer and explanation”charged.

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