Milo Meskens and Regi during the 2020 edition.

Milo Meskens and Regi during the 2020 edition. © carlo coppejans

The BRIT Awards, the UK’s premier music awards, will be gender neutral. They do this, among other things, to address non-binary people, people who do not feel specifically male or female. The MIAs are not yet following in our country.

“It feels like the right time to celebrate the achievements of artists: the music they make, the work they do, regardless of their gender,” said BRIT Awards chairman Tom March. This is in line with an evolution that is already visible in our country. Two months ago, the Ensors, the most important Flemish film awards, announced that they would become gender neutral. Specifically, the categories ‘best actor’ and ‘best actress’ will be deleted and a prize will be awarded for the best acting performance (M/F/X).

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The Music Industry Awards (MIAs), which annually crown the top performers in the music sector in our country, will not follow for the time being. Organizers VRT and VI.BE: “Of course we are open to change. This year, for example, we have replaced the ‘urban’ category with ‘hip-hop/r&b’, because it better embraces reality. We also looked at the question about male and female artists, made the trade-off and decided to keep the “solo male” and “solo female” division this year. In this way, we want to create extra attention for female artists in a predominantly male music industry.”

Not that it is therefore set in marble: “For the next editions, we will examine the division into genre and gender and see where shifts are needed. We are convinced that we also have to grasp that reality, but we want to launch new categories in a well-considered way and together with the music sector involved,” it sounds.

The upcoming edition of the MIAs, for which voting is already underway, is scheduled for February 3. (bpr)

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