Britney Spears calls her sister Jamie Lynn 'scum'

Britney Spears calls Jamie Lynn scum after her book interview.

On January 13, Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of singer Britney Spears, went to an interview with host JuJu Chen in which she talked about her conflict with her.

The singer was not going to remain silent and quickly broke the silence, she exploded through her Twitter account.

“While I was walking around with a 40-degree fever, I see that my sister is doing an interview… Anyway, what really bothered me is that she said that my behavior was psychotic when she wasn’t even there for me 15 years ago. Why talk about it now? Unless she said that to promote her book, “you can read in a tweet.

Turns out Britney Spears’ little sister has been dropping ‘little things’ from her book in interviews, and among those was an incident where she allegedly “got a knife and locked herself in a room with her (Jamie Lynn).”

I hope your book does well, Jamie Lynn. My family ruined my life and now they make me look crazy… The lesson learned from all this is not to trust people, or anyone, make your cats and dogs your family and take care of yourself, “he said in a long Twitter message.

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