Britney Spears: Public argument with sister Jamie Lynn degenerates

“First of all, I think that experiencing your own panic attacks and how we can feel at times in those moments is important, but remembering that I was a kid at that moment is also important,” said Jamie Lynn.

Britney Spears attacks sister

After the interview with her sister, Britney Spears has now commented on this in a series of tweets. The former pop princess said she watched the Good Morning America interview while she was feverish. “I just didn’t give a shit, but my head hurt so much. Of course I’m a drama queen when I get sick, so I think I’ll die,” Spears told her fans at first.

Then the things “that bothered me about the interview” came up to her.

“My sister said my behavior was out of control. Back then, 15 years ago, she was never around me much,” Spears told her followers. “Why are you even talking about it unless she wants to sell a book at my expense?”

“I know it may sound like a stupid thing to most people, but I wrote a lot of my songs and my sister was the baby,” Spears continued in her statement, handing out against Jamie Lynn: “She never had to for work anything. She was always given everything! “

“I hope your book goes down well, Jamie Lynn,” she said angrily to her sister. The singer also attacked her father and mother Lynn once more. “So yeah, you ruined my dreams,” Spears accused her parents, among other things.

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