Brother of former Algerian president sentenced to two years in prison

(Archive) Said Bouteflika – AFP/Archives

The younger brother of former Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika was sentenced on Tuesday to two years in prison for “obstruction of the good performance of justice”, reported the official news agency APS.

The prosecution had asked for seven years against Said Bouteflika, who was accused along with other former leaders of “inciting the falsification of official documents”, “abuse of functions”, “obstruction of justice”, “inciting justice bias” and ” contempt” .

In addition to Said Bouteflika, former Justice Minister Tayeb Louh (six years old), boss Ali Hadad (two years old) and former Justice Ministry inspector general Tayeb Belhashemi (two years old) were also convicted.

The brother and influential adviser of the former president who died in September had been sentenced in 2019 to 15 years in prison by a military court, for “conspiracy against the army”, which requested his brother’s departure from power to resolve the crisis generated by the Hirak protest movement. In January 2021, however, a military appeals court acquitted him, although, under investigation for influence peddling, he remained in prison.

Bouteflika, 63, has already served the two-year sentence imposed today, but will remain in prison pending further proceedings against him.

Since the resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April 2019, pressured by protests and the army, the Algerian justice system has arrested and condemned several political authorities who were part of his mandate.

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