Brown invites Mariene de Castro to parade at Carnival

The outburst made by singer Mariene de Castro after being left out of Carnival in Salvador, mobilized social networks and reached Carlinhos Brown, who opened space for the sambista to participate in the revelry with him in his trio.

The singer, who is one of Brown’s guests on his new album, ‘Pop Xirê’, spoke about Mariene’s strength and her participation in Timbalada. During the press conference held this Wednesday (15), Cacique reinforced that Castro would always have space with him in music.

“My trio is open for her to sing, she is our guest. When Mariene came to Salvador, she joined Timbalada. We were ready to record and she took off first than everyone else, but she is a timpani player, and one of the reasons I really wanted to record her in these 30 years of Timbalada”, she pointed out.

The singer even commented on one of the topics pointed out by her as a reason to cut her out of the revelry, the fact that she is from candomblé.

“I’m a major macumbeiro in Bahian music, but I think we don’t need to listen to that. I’ll give you an answer about ‘devil’, Diabo is an African warrior who when people came looking to take black people into the slave trade, the devil with his sword ate everyone on the steel”, he says.

Outburst that ran through social networks

Raised in the Bahian capital, Mariene de Castro said that she has not been given space in her own city and complained about being left out of Salvador’s Carnival. “I can’t remember the last time I was invited to sing at Carnival in my city by the bodies responsible for the biggest party on the planet,” she wrote.

In the outburst, the artist made a comparison between the fees paid to other artists and made an allusion to the fact of singing samba with a cymbal as an instrument and about the fact of singing candomblé songs.

“Why? I don’t know. Indeed! It must be because I sing macumba. I’ve already been told to stop singing these things, it’s the devil’s thing. It must be because… Let me see… It must be that a singer who sings with a plate in her hand must be begging, right?

Mariene also made a comparison between the treatment she receives in Salvador and how she was treated in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco.

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