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The resigning secretary general of the Presidency of the Republic, Bruno Pacheco, kept US $ 20 thousand in the bathroom of his office, located in the Government Palace. This was recorded in the record of the fiscal diligence that was carried out in the place last Friday, as part of the investigation for the alleged crime of influence peddling.

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According to the Public Ministry document, to which El Comercio agreed, Pacheco replied that “the money is the product of his savings and the salary he receives as secretary general of the Government Palace, a salary that amounts to S / 25,000, also allowing voluntarily to count the exhibited bills, verifying that it amounts to the sum of US $ 20,000 ″.

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According to said record, the discovery took place among Pacheco’s personal belongings, in a room of the secretary’s office “corresponding to a bathroom and dressing room.”

The prosecution staff also proceeded to make photocopies of the banknotes, while Bruno Pacheco promised to “credit the money displayed as soon as possible.”

The procedure at the Government Palace was carried out by the Anticorruption prosecutor Marco Huamán Muñoz. The Public Ministry investigates Pacheco for the alleged pressure exerted on the head of Sunat.

El Comercio tried unsuccessfully to learn the version of Hugo Mendoza Malpartida, Bruno Pacheco’s lawyer.


During the diligence, the prosecution also inspected the office of the general secretary, where Pacheco was asked to display public documentation located on his desk, as well as to access his computer equipment and extract information from it.

All these acts were part of the “diligence for the display of non-private documents, as well as the display of the computers of the General Secretariat of the Government Palace.”


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The Public Ministry is currently investigating the resigning Secretary General of the Presidency for alleged acts of corruption linked to his visit to the Palace. Review the cases that involve him and what crimes are investigated in each one.

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