Brusdar Graterol bursts the nets with 103-mile sinkers

The Venezuelan pitcher Brusdar Graterol of the Angeles Dodgers, impressed in full MLB playoffs by throwing pitches to 103 miles for hours.

Through the fourth game of the playoffs between Los Angeles DOdgers vs San Francisco Giants, Brusdar Graterol threw some 101-mile sinkers as usual, then went up to 102 and as if that were not enough he reached 103 miles.

The difficult thing to understand is how you can pull those miles with that smoothness, without a mechanic where you are forced when it comes to pulling, it is as if you were warming up.

Graterol numbers in these 2021 MLB playoffs.

In about 4 games he has 3.2 innings, 1 hi, 0 runs and 2 strikeouts. Without a doubt, the Venezuelan has a good record in the playoffs, accumulating a 2.12 ERA in 12.1 innings with 8 strikeouts.

Undoubtedly this boy has the potential to be a closer for the Dodgers in the future, in the middle of the season he was sent to the Minor Leagues to make some adjustments, including practicing his breakers more.

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