The Portuguese government has announced new measures to respond to the worsening Covid-19 pandemic

The European Commission declined this Friday to comment on the imposition of tests for all travelers arriving in Portugal, even those vaccinated against Covid-19, indicating that it still needs to thoroughly analyze the new measures announced by the Government.

The day after the Council of Ministers adopted new measures to respond to the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal, including the imposition of a test on all citizens arriving in national territory, a spokesman for the community executive declined ask whether this contradicts the proposal for a recommendation that the Commission issued hours earlier that vaccinated citizens should not be subject to additional restrictions.

“At this moment, we do not have complete information on the measures that are planned or will be implemented by Portugal. Of course we will analyze them, we are analyzing what already exists, and only then will we be able to provide an assessment”, declared the spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz, during the Commission press conference.

The same spokesperson admitted that, “in general terms”, the Council recommendation is that “a test should not be required” for those who are vaccinated “unless they come from a ‘dark red’ zone. [de alto risco]”, but insisted that the Commission is not yet in a position to comment, as it is not specifically aware of all the measures.

“We cannot comment on any specific measure until we make a proper assessment of it and have exhaustive information about it and the reasons that led to its adoption,” he said.

The Government announced on Thursday new measures to respond to the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal, with the return of the mandatory use of masks, the reinforcement of testing and a week of containment in January.

The new rules were justified by the prime minister, António Costa, with the fact that the country “is not as well as what it wanted to be”, despite the vaccination and a better situation than in the generality of Europe.

With the return to the calamity situation from December 1st, most of the measures that come into force on the same day are based, above all, on the reinforcement of the use of masks, testing and the digital certificate.

According to the new measures, the presentation of a diagnostic test with a negative result will also become mandatory for all passengers flying to Portugal from December 1st, “whatever the point of origin and whatever it may be. the nationality of the passenger”, and even if they are holders of the EU Covid-19 digital certificate.

This was one of the measures approved by the Council of Ministers just a few hours after the European Commission proposed a strengthening of coordination on travel in the European Union due to the increase in cases of the coronavirus, suggesting that vaccinated individuals should not be subjected to additional restrictions and that non-vaccinated be further tested.

At issue is an updated recommendation for “coordination to facilitate safe free movement during the pandemic” and sent by the community executive to the Council, which suggests a “person-based approach”. It is suggested that anyone holding “a valid EU Covid-19 Digital Certificate is, in principle, not subject to additional restrictions such as testing or quarantine, regardless of their place of departure” in the Union.

For its part, “persons without an EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate may be required to take a test carried out before or after arrival”, proposes the institution to the Member States, which are responsible for the final decision on travel. .


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