Brussels retirement homes are obliged to use corona from Friday (Brussels)


In the Brussels residential care centers and rest homes, visitors are required to present the Covid Safety Ticket (CST) from Friday 15 October. This applies to all persons aged 12 years and older. The healthcare institutions themselves are responsible for the control.


Today at 12:32

The extra security measure in the residential care centers is part of the expansion of the CST in the Brussels region. The obligation to show the corona pass at the entrance applies to those who do not live or work there. Although there are some exceptions for visitors from residents who are at the end of their life, external health professionals or police officers, ambulance personnel and firefighters.

It is the care institutions themselves that carry out the checks on the CST. If a visitor is unable to demonstrate his or her vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test result, he or she will be refused entry. In case of problems, the rest home will contact the police to file a report.

Visitors who do not have their CST checked or enter without CST risk a fine of 50 to 500 euros. Residential care centers that do not check visitors and allow visitors without a corona pass risk a fine of 50 to 2,500 euros.

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