Bus from the band Filhos da Bahia is involved in an accident with victims in Trancoso

The bus that carried the band Filhos da Bahia, composed by the sons of Saulo, Carlinhos Brown, Reinaldinho and Tonho Matéria, was involved in a serious accident at dawn last Saturday (4), on the way to Trancoso, Bahia, with victims.

According to a note sent by the band’s communication, the group’s members, João Lucas, Miguel Freitas, Zaia and Raysson Lima, are doing well, as well as the other musicians in the group. The collision with the car killed two people in the vehicle.

“All members are doing well, but tragically two passengers in the car died and others, rescued by SAMU, are hospitalized. Authorities are investigating the case.”

In a statement, the band regretted what happened. “We deeply regret what happened and we sympathize with the moment of pain of families and friends.”

On the arristas’ social networks, it is possible to see that the band’s concert schedule in the city of Trancoso has been carried out.

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