The current bus stop with bicycle storage.

The current bus stop with bicycle storage. © km


The parking zone, bus stop and bicycle shelter in Pulderbos-Dorp will be completely renovated into a hoppin point. And there are more changes to come.

Kristin Matthyssen

Today at 19:14

A hoppin point is a transport hub where there are parking options for various passenger cars and bicycles and/or various transport options, such as for train, bus or shared bicycle. A hoppin point must also be easily accessible to all users, regardless of age or disability. In Pulle, the bus stop has also been converted into a hoppin point.

The redesign is still the result of the Pulderbos master plan. Councilor Ward Belmans (Green) thought this was positive, but wondered whether it had been developed sufficiently to collect the necessary subsidies. For example, there should normally also be room in the bicycle shed for larger two-wheelers such as cargo bicycles. Alderman Rudi Willems (CD&V) assures that this will be sorted out and that the hoppin point Pulderbos will meet the minimum requirements for subsidy.

The bicycle shed.

The bicycle shed. © km

Public toilet

Belmans asked to provide a public toilet at this bus stop as well. “This was planned a long time ago when the Statie in Zandhoven was reconstructed, but Mayor Willy De Bie (CD&V) said at the time that he was not going to build it. I am now a bit older myself,” says Belmans. “And I realize how important a public toilet is for seniors to be able to continue using public transport. Think about this now that it’s Seniors Week.”

Paul Stulens (Vlaams Belang) noticed that there will also be a better, wider sidewalk between the church and the library of Pulderbos, making the road narrower. “Is there still enough space for cars to safely cross each other? It is already so busy there because of cut-through traffic, I hear from residents there. According to them, it is only a matter of time before an accident happens there. Can’t there be a one-way street, or a cut at the church?”

According to alderman Rudy Willems (CD&V), the neighborhood chat about the new mobility plan has indeed shown that the residents of the village strip between the library and church there are complaining about the increasing traffic. “We are going to work on a solution. There are already ideas. Whether it will be a one-way street has not yet been determined, but we are going to tackle that situation there.”

Monique Suls (N-VA) asked to replace the planned spirea hedge with a native type of hedge. “Design agency Arcadis has signed this plan, but we can still adjust that hedge type,” said Willems, the alderman, who promised to look at it.

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