Businessman shot dead in Feira had gun in backpack

Image: Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

Businessman Marcos Edilho Pereira Marinho, 39, shot dead on Sunday (12) in Feira de Santana, 100km from Salvador, had a 9mm pistol in his backpack. The information was confirmed by the delegate Fabrício Linard, responsible for the investigations.

The delegate reported that the firearm was registered with the Federal Police (PF) in the name of the businessman. He was authorized only for use inside the house where he lived or in his own business, so the police are investigating why he had the pistol in the restaurant where he was murdered.

Marcos was killed while having lunch there. He had just posted photos marking the location of the establishment when he was attacked. The crime took place on Avenida Fraga Maia. According to information passed to TV Subaé by the police, a group of men would have arrived at the scene in a pickup truck and shot the victim.

		Businessman shot dead in Feira had gun in backpack

Image: Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

Marcos owned a business consulting firm and used to flaunt it on social media. In the photos he posted before he died, he even praised the food and recommended the place to the more than one million followers he had on Instagram. “The train is too hot,” he wrote.

In the feed of the social network, the businessman posted photos of trips, watches, real estate and luxury vehicles. Marcos even shared a photo holding a gun. The children also appear in the posts. He even spoke about the role he wanted to play in raising the boys in a photo published on Saturday night (11).

“Dad’s babies are huge and every day more beautiful. They will soon be employees of Start. Learning early to conquer things with the sweat of their own face, giving value to life, being empathetic, humble and following the principles learned with me, like father and as a male reference to be followed”, he published.

It is not yet known if the ostentation is related to the case. The authorship and motivation of the crime are under investigation by the Civil Police.


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