Businessmen struggled for institutional quality to politics and sent a message to the Court

Framed in the traditional Colloquium of Idea, the businessmen once again demanded a greater “institutional quality” with several messages that crossed into politics and the Supreme Court. At the annual meeting of businessmen, they took advantage of a panel called “Strengthening institutional quality” to retake the series of proposals that they had raised to the Executive Branch after a joint work with AmCham (the United States Chamber of Commerce) and the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires. One of the central reforms – which was also the subject of conversation in the corridors of the Costa Salguero Center- It is, as it advanced Ambit, which can generate a ruling by the highest court regarding the unconstitutionality of the current composition of the Council of the Magistracy. There were expectations of the attendees that before the end of the year that cause could be resolved that can modify the map of power within the Judicial Power. There was an additional conclusion: the number of cases that go to court must be reduced.

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