But leave Kärcher alone!

This week, in our newsletter dedicated to what the foreign press writes best and worst about France: the overbidding of formulas in the presidential campaign is causing a stir even in German industry.

Can’t wait for the beginning of the end of the Omicron wave? Tired of winter temperatures? or rather spring? But no, this week, they were very wintery!

Above all, are you already tired of the presidential campaign that never stops starting? You are not alone, dear readers. This week, among the comments of the foreign press on the small sentences of declared or supposed candidates, one reaction stands out. It does not come from a political scientist or an editorialist, but from a company. It is German, industrial, specialized in cleaning equipment. And it is fed up, the Kärcher company, of being called upon by politicians in need of powerful metaphors!

The famous German brand of high-pressure cleaners was outraged on Tuesday, January 11, after the use of its name in a statement by Valérie Pécresse, reports The Republic. Seventeen years after Nicolas Sarkozy, the Republican candidate has indeed announced that she wants “take the Kärcher out of the cellar” for “clean up the neighborhoods”.

“In the meantime, the German group had repeatedly asked not to be quoted in political speeches: in vain”, recalls the Italian daily.

In 2020, the German company notably published a long press release in French newspapers, explaining that it did not want “let his name and mark be borrowed by speech [politique] or for any other subject that would concern something other than its products”. In vain, we tell you!

It’s that security, you see, is a recurring theme in presidential campaigns, recalls The Republic. And its symbol is now Kärcher.

Just imagine that our health system is at the heart of the campaign, or employment, or old age… What brands could be honored by presidential candidates?

While waiting for the answer to this nagging question, we wish you a good read, and a very pleasant weekend.

And to get your nose out of politics, we suggest taking you to live the castle life in the Indre; ride a bike in Normandy; work at the office again – yes, you have to! – all that to end up in the penalty area! Here is a selection of articles that might also interest you.

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