But nobody really believes in the sequel anymore

Sorry, who are those responsible for World War Z actually trying to fool them? Today the zombie action is on with Brad Pitt at 10.30 p.m. at ProSieben. The repetition follows at 3.15 a.m. that same night. But we want to make one thing clear here for good: The sequel World War Z 2 will no longer come. It’s a shame, but there is now too much for that this eternal project gone wrong.

On TV today: zombie action World War Z with Brad Pitt

World War Z is about Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt). The ex-UN employee is in Philadelphia with his family when all hell breaks loose around them. What looks like the typical traffic jam at rush hour turns out to be Harbinger of the Apocalypse. Hordes of the undead are throwing the world as Lane knew it into chaos.

Check out the World War Z trailer

World War Z – Trailer (German) HD


Only with luck he and his family manage to escape, but shortly after they are rescued by Lane’s former employer, a difficult task is placed on him: If Lane wants to keep his family safe, he has to take up his old job again and investigate the cause of the disaster in a risky mission.

Why World War Z 2 is now very unlikely

The story didn’t seem completely closed back then, after all, zombie stories are never. See 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead. Sequel news came up regularly. The grossing of $ 540.5 million was very good, but measured against the budget of $ 200 million, only decent. Which is why the Paramount studio did not put its full strength behind another part and for now waited.

This status basically continues to this day. A sequel was developed in 2013, the year it was launched. Since then, however, the film has moved in Snail’s pace Ahead. A commitment by JA Bayona as a director was followed by a theatrical release in 2017. Bayona jumped out and star director David Fincher came along, who would have been trusted to turn things around. It looked really good for a long time, but then it turned out differently. Only the cinema release was delayed due to an appointment with Netflix. Then Paramount put the expensive project on hold, probably due to budget problems.

Waiting is pointless: give up World War Z 2 with Brad Pitt

Nobody wanted to announce a final end for the sequel. That is now done by 3 years of radio silence around the project. Since the beginning of February 2019, no one at Paramount has apparently felt responsible for World War Z 2. David Fincher has moved on. Brad Pitt is busy too, playing a parody of his WWZ role.

There is still no clear official commitment that World War Z 2 won’t come. It would be easier for all of us who want to know how things go with Brad Pitt’s Gerry Lane and his iconic scarf. Give up World War Z 2. Paramount probably did this long before you did.

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Are you still hoping for World War Z 2?

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