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The Last Duel is a great film: the harsh epic about the brutal rape of a noblewoman benefits from great acting performances, among other things. This also includes Matt Damon as a quarrelsome warrior and Ben Affleck as his hedonistic-arrogant prince, between which there are wonderful scenes. But the best of them didn’t make it into the film: Originally a kiss was planned between the two.

Kiss scene between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck was kicked out

This is a moment when the future knight Jean de Carrouges (Damon) is supposed to swear allegiance to his liege lord Count Pierre d’Alençon (Affleck). Affleck revealed (via Entertainment Tonight ):

In the original version we should kiss each other on the mouth, as was customary at the time. That’s how we had it in the script. […] [Regisseur] Ridley [Scott] but found it too distracting. And his instinct is usually quite good.

That would have been our first kiss in front of the camera“Damon mourns the idea. And he’s a little right: It’s more than that a scene of submission as romance, but many fans would have celebrated such an iconic moment anyway.

Check out the German trailer for The Last Duel here:

The Last Duel – Trailer (Deutsch) HD


The dynamic between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon is still incredible

But even if one or the other meme about our long-time actor friends is sure to slip through our fingers without a kiss, the interplay between the two in the film remains brilliant. Your characters de Carrouges and d’Alençon can’t stand each other: A mood that the duo could also shape with improvised ideas. Damon explained:

The two hate each other and that was great fun. [Statt dem Kuss] I kneel in front of him in one scene and just want to say my sentence, Ben just improvises and barks: “Closer!” And I have to get up and myself [weiter vorne] kneel down again. That wasn’t in the script.

Indeed, the mix of familiarity, fun and professionalism gives Affleck and Damon’s scenes a special entertainment factor. In fact, all the main actors play: inside consistently first class: Jodie Comer gives the subject of the film a merciless clout, and Adam Driver’s character makes you feel irritating disgust.

With so much joy in playing, the lost smack is bearable. “That’ll have to wait“Affleck says jokingly. Fans of the”Mattfleck“-Bromance should therefore look to the future with hope. And definitely watch the new film with the dynamic duo: The Last Duel hits theaters today.

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