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5th matchday of the Champions League

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For Borussia Dortmund, the Champions League on Wednesday is about everything: from the round of 16 to elimination, everything is possible. The game against Sporting Lisbon in the live ticker.

  • Champions League: Sporting Lisbon – Borussia Dortmund * 3:0 (2:0)
  • For BVB coach Marco Rose it became embarrassing at the press conference.
  • Do the black and yellow bags in Lisbon for the CL round of 16?

Sporting Lisbon – Borussia Dortmund 3: 0 (2: 0)

Lineup Sporting Lisbon: Adan – Inacio, Coates, Feddal – Porro, Palhinha, Nunes, Reis – Sarabia, Goncalves – Paulinho
Lineup Borussia Dortmund: Kobel – Meunier, Akanji, Pongracic, Schulz (46. Can) – Witsel, Bellingham – Brandt, Reus, Reinier – Malen
Tore: 1: 0 Goncalves (30.), 2: 0 Goncalves (38.), 3: 0 Porro (82.)

+++ UPDATE +++

89. Minute: 3-0 is too high, but BVB didn’t achieve much in the second half. The green and white sea in Lisbon sings his team at the final whistle.

87. Minute: Dortmund does not give up, Brandt tries again with a shot from 25 meters. The trajectory is promising, but the ball rushes past the post.

85. Minute: Tigges has another useful opportunity, but does not hit the sharply struck ball from Meunier. The elimination is getting closer with every minute.

82nd Minute: TOOOOOOOOOOR for Sporting Lisbon! Goncalves steps up, Kobel stops – but the fast Porro sprints to the rebound and heads him in thoughtfully. That will probably have been it for BVB.

79. Minute: Penalty for Sporting! As bitter as it is: the right decision. Zagadou is simply too clumsy in the duel. Is that the knockout for Dortmund?

77. Minute: Zagadou clears Paulinho in the penalty area, del Cerro Grande does not whistle, but the VAR intervenes. The referee looks at the scene again himself.

74. Minute: Very tough decision against Dortmund. Can kicks in slightly, but some Sporting players also shared a lot in the heated scramble. Now, of course, it will be a mammoth task for the guests. Does the second German top team after RB Leipzig have to give up in the preliminary round?

72. Minute: Violent pack formation! Porro and Can clash, after which everyone joins in if they have the time and inclination. What is the referee doing? He shows Emre Can Rot!

70. Minute: Sporting’s defense bar is low and does not allow much. Difficult undertaking for BVB to turn it around. Players like Reus are now in demand – Dortmund needs a magical moment.

67. Minute: Super plug-in ball from Dahoud to Tigges, but it takes too long to lay the ball. Missed the chance.

64. Minute: Dortmund wants, but you can tell that a real goal getter is missing. The Westphalians are a little bit at risk of goal. Now come Mo Dahoud, Dan-Axel Zagadou and striker Steffen Tigges. Pongracic, Witsel and Reinier go out.

61. Minute: Sporting is completely limited to the counterattack. Only Paulinho and Sarabia are lurking in front, the rest are working against the ball. Dortmund have a bulwark to crack. Half an hour is left on the clock.

59. Minute: Bellingham is getting stronger and driving. The young Englishman tries from the second row, Adan bounces forward, but no yellow guy is there.

57. Minute: Again: BVB is now out, with a goal the Rose-Elf would have at least a theoretical chance of the round of 16. But the goal has to be a tie.

55. Minute: Von Malen won the ball well, then Brandt marches. He served Bellingham, but too many legs were in the way and his shot was blocked. BVB is getting stronger – it has to!

53. Minute: Meunier pulls from the right position, Adan stops and the ball rolls from Coates’ foot into the goal – but Meunier was offside. The cheers over the connection only lasted for a short time.

51. Minute: Sporting is on the next goal. Dortmund is quite confused at the beginning of the second half and has to be very careful here that it doesn’t get out of hand.

49. Minute: And what does BVB not need? A 3-0! But that was exactly what would have been a hair. Sporting countered Goncalves and Paulinho, the two played a one-two and suddenly Paulinho was free in front of Kobel. The Swiss spreads and prevents the next goal. That was close!

46. Minute: Can blends in well and takes out a corner. He’s a mentality player, that’s exactly what BVB needs now.

The second half kicked off! Emre Can replaces Nico Schulz. Now gates have to be found.

Halftime – Borussia Dortmund is about to be eliminated from the Champions League! The Rose-Elf didn’t convince in the first half, but they weren’t the worse team either. Sporting presented themselves as ice cold in the person of Pedro Goncalves and are 2-0 up. Can BVB still turn it around?

Halftime! Del Cerro Grande asks for a break. That went very badly for Borussia. What words does Rose find at halftime? As of now, BVB would have been eliminated.

44. Minute: Is that bitter for Dortmund. Sporting takes both chances coldly. In fact, BVB are actually the better team, but they are not callous enough.

40. Minute: And just like after conceding the first goal, Malen immediately has a huge chance again. He curves around goalkeeper Adan, is hit in the foot by Feddal and still runs. The angle becomes acute, On the line Inacio saves for the home side. Insanity!

38th Minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOR for Sporting Lisbon! Is it going to be a black and yellow nightmare today? The Portuguese combine well, Dortmund does not get access. Goncalves is unlocked and pounds the leather from the edge of the penalty area into the mesh.

37. Minute: Dark face at Marco Rose on the sidelines. If that goes wrong today, the coach will have to put up with a few uncomfortable questions.

34. Minute: The game is picking up speed. On the other side, things are getting tricky again: Paulinho has way too much space, but Pongracic throws himself into the ball at the last second.

32. Minute: Is BVB waking up now? Malen gets a shot in the penalty area and throws the ball against the post. Nearly a quick counter-attack.

30th minute: TOOOOOOOOR for Sporting Lisbon! A long, uninspired ball becomes a trap for BVB. Schulz underestimates him, creates an air hole and Goncalves thanks him. Giant buck from the left-back!

25. Minute: Much patchwork. You get the feeling that the teams are still in the sampling phase.

23. Minute: Brandt makes a committed impression. Countable things do not yet come out of his actions.

20. Minute: BVB does not set off any fireworks either. Bellingham bounces the ball from time to time, Reus is not even in the game. The central defense with Pongracic and Akanji is safe.

16. Minute: The house is full in Lisbon – and you can feel it. The fans burn down Pyros and scream their hearts out. But this euphoria does not seem to have spread to the players. A timid start for Ruben Amorim’s team.

12. Minute: Akanji plays a sharp ball into the top, where Malen runs free. The Dutchman pulls up twice, but Adan doesn’t really check his shallow shot. But that’s how it can go for BVB!

10. Minute: Sporting fought for the first corner. You play it briefly, Reis comes to the end from 20 meters – but Kobel has him for sure.

8. Minute: Schulz breaks through on the left, but finds no taker in the middle. Where is this blonde Norwegian anyway?

6. Minute: Dortmund takes over the scepter, the ball goes well. Reus is looking for Akanji on a free kick, but Sporting goalkeeper Adan intervenes.

4. Minute: Painting falls in the penalty area – but everything is clean. Coates cleverly puts the body in.

3. Minute: Reus with the first degree for BVB. His shot is missing a few km / h.

Kick-off! The ball rolls. Round of 16 or out? BVB has it in their own hands.

Update, 8:52 p.m .: Marco Rose emphasized shortly before the game: “We have to look for depth today.” Donyell Malen should also pose problems for Sporting’s three-man chain with his speed.

Update, 8.45 p.m.: Referee Carlos del Cerro Grande from Spain whistles for the kick in 15 minutes. Most recently, Dortmund’s victories were forced in the Bundesliga – what is the team’s performance today? Away against the Portuguese champions it won’t be easy. “It will get heated,” suspects sports director Sebastian Kehl before the game.

BVB – Sporting Lisbon in the live ticker: Can only be on the bench, Reinier can start

Update, 8:22 p.m .: The countdown is running! There is a lot going on for Borussia Dortmund today. So far, only FC Bayern have made it to the last sixteen of the Champions League – the black and yellow can follow with a win today. RB Leipzig is already out, the Saxons are playing at the same time against FC Bruges for a place in the knockout round of the Europa League.

Update, 7:58 p.m .: Now it is clear which BVB-Elf Marco Rose will send into the race today! Julian Brandt is back in the starting XI, he recently showed increasing form. But the big surprise is: Youngster Reinier is allowed to run right from the start! Marin Pingracic replaces the missing Mats Hummels in central defense. DFB star Emre Can just sits on the bench.

Update from November 24th, 7:21 pm: Numerous BVB fans traveled to the Champions League game, which starts in a good hour and a half. A few of them will not be able to watch the game in the stadium: Several fans of the ultra scene were arrested on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

An argument had broken out in a Lisbon bar. According to information from SID two police officers were injured and seven to nine Borussia fans are in custody.

BVB – Sporting Lisbon in the live ticker: Will Dortmund move into the knockout phase?

First report from November 24th: Lisbon – The term “do-or-die-game” was probably invented for such games. As well as Borussia Dortmund* as well as Sporting Lisbon are facing the 5th matchday of the Champions League* with six points there. If Marco Rose’s team wins at the Estadio José Alvalade, they will be in the round of 16 thanks to the first leg they won (1-0). If Marco Reus and Co. lose by more than one goal difference, they are out.

At Borussia, who have been without their superstar for weeks Erling Haaland * have to get by, the results were right recently – football wasn’t always great. In the early final for the round of 16, BVB will play “to win”, as Marco Rose announced.

BVB – Sporting Lisbon in the live ticker: Marco Rose with a mistake on the PK

“Playing for a tie is not an option. That doesn’t work, ”he is convinced. “The game in Lisbon is extremely important to us,” said sports director Michael Zorc. Also financially. A bonus of 9.6 million euros beckons for moving into the knockout phase.

At the press conference, coach Rose made a faux pas that his players shouldn’t take as a role model. A Portuguese journalist asked the 45-year-old what he thought of Sportings coach Ruben Amorim. Rose’s problem: the name didn’t mean anything to him. “Uh, I don’t know,” he stuttered at first.

BVB – Sporting Lisbon in the live ticker: Rose invites the opposing coach to a glass of wine

When he understood that the lady was referring to the opposing trainer, he said: “Oh, sorry, that’s of course embarrassing now. Definitely a good coach whose name I didn’t know. ”He was clearly uncomfortable with the situation – he tried to save her with a spontaneous invitation. “Tomorrow I’ll take Ruben over for a glass of wine. Because of course that shouldn’t happen to me. “

The Sporting coach took it easy and replied: “I’m very happy about the invitation, it’s a nice gesture,” he said. Is the atmosphere still so peaceful during the game? Find out in our live ticker. The kick-off is at 9 p.m. (epp) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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