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Bakery Geusens in Oudsbergen will close three stores until the end of November, due to infections among the staff. “With a heavy heart,” says baker Rudi Geusens. Many other small self-employed are also forced to close.

Hanne De Belie

Today at 20:15

The inhabitants of Oudsbergen and the surrounding area will have to do without the bread and the famous Chocotoff cake from the Geusens bakery. The three stores in Gruitrode, Wijshagen and Peer will close until December 1 because they are understaffed due to corona infections. “Two of our bakers tested positive on Monday,” says business manager Rudi Geusens. “If you only have five bakers and two are lost, you can’t run it anymore. I still bake bread and sandwiches for our vending machines. But if we can only fill the stores half way and still have to pay our staff, then that is not profitable. It’s the first time we’ve had to make such a drastic decision.”

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The baker and his wife have mixed feelings about this. “We are grateful to our customers for always coming,” they say. “Our stores are full of candy for Sinterklaas. So we’re in the thick of things. It is a problem that many small self-employed people now have. We close with a heavy heart, but fortunately the customers respond with understanding.”

Do you know or are you a self-employed person who has to close the business due to understaffing due to infections or quarantine among the staff? Let us know.

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