Military Police vehicles in front of the motel last night (Photo: Direto das Ruas)

Victim was rescued in serious condition and alleged pastor fled after she asked for help

Military Police vehicles in front of the motel last night (Photo: Direto das Ruas)

A woman, who did not have her identity revealed, was rescued on Monday night (11) after being stabbed in a motel in Jardim Tijuca, in Campo Grande. According to the victim, the aggressor is a pastor from Goiás (GO).

The woman was hit in the neck and hip. After the attacks, the author fled.

According to the police report, registered at DEAM (Specialized Police Service for Women), the victim was hired by the author and around noon yesterday the two arrived at the motel.

In the late afternoon, the man went to the reception to close the account, alone. He was informed by the employees that before closing the account, they would need to go to the room to see the situation of the companion. When they arrived at the scene, they found the victim in the hallway bleeding and screaming for help, at which point the aggressor fled.

Motel employees hid with the victim at the reception, locked doors and windows and called the Fire Department and the PM (Military Police). At the site, the military provided aid to the woman and searched for the author who was not found.

A friend of the victim, who prefers not to be identified, told the story that the girl arrived for assistance and said that the author was very polite, not raising any.

After the program, she went to the bathroom to get dressed, when the client came from behind already putting the knife to her neck. The victim would have even tried to defend herself and hit the perpetrator in the face with the same knife used against her.

She was referred to a healthcare facility in the Capital with a deep cut on her neck and a wound on her hip. At the scene, police seized clothes, a pipe and cards issued by the motel itself. The knife used in the crime was not found.

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