Call on TV from father Mallorca victim leads to tips

Heuvelman’s parents saw their son going on vacation and only saw him again when he was in a coma in hospital. “You know, on the one hand you hope it will be okay,” said the father in Investigation Requested. “But on the other hand: if he lives, how does he want to? It is of course very difficult if you have to make such a decision for your son. I’m glad I didn’t have to do that.”

Blurred images of a number of as yet unknown witnesses were also shown in the broadcast. “We want to know what they saw and we want to record their statements,” said a OM spokesperson. The decision to show images of witnesses was taken “in the interest of the investigation”. According to the Public Prosecution Service, “the impact on privacy is minimal”, because the people have been made unrecognizable.

In addition, the program called for images or photos of the night in question to be sent to the police. “Take your responsibility, even if you are still so young”, father Heuvelman encouraged people. At the end of the broadcast, it was reported that some tips and also new footage had been received by the police.

Six suspects arrested

On July 14, 27-year-old Carlo was assaulted in the nightlife of Mallorca, presumably by a group of Dutch young people. He later died of his injuries.

Almost the entire group of boys fled to the Netherlands immediately after the violence. The Spanish justice has transferred the case to the Netherlands. Six suspects between the ages of 18 and 19 are in custody for the case. They all come from Hilversum.

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