Camila Queiroz sensualizes with hot lingerie in her dressing room
Camila Queiroz on social media (Photo: Reproduction)

Camila Queiroz published a video beyond flashing on social networks. Updating her official Instagram account feed, the beauty appeared in a dressing room during her preparation. what else stole the show it was the lingerie used by the wife of Klebber Toledo, which left the beauty of good shape in evidence.

In the post caption, she left a sentence in English and marked the person responsible for the images. More than 270 thousand people liked the post, which still yielded many comments and messages full of praise from fans and friends. “What a beautiful babe”, wrote the ex-BBB and digital influencer Juliette Freire. “Beauty has a name and a surname! She’s too hot”, said another verified internet user. “Camila, for God’s sake, I was blinded with so much beauty,” fired a third.

Check out Camila Queiroz’s video on social media:

Exciting outburst

Last weekend, Camila Queiroz made a special participation in the program Late hours, gives Globe. On that occasion, the famous woman decided to let her go. She heard a song played by Father Fabio de Melo, who was also in the attraction of Serginho Groisman, and was moved explaining that he remembers the loss of his father, who died 4 years ago.

I had a moment when I lost my faith when I lost my father. I got kind of blind, lost. I always knew that something had broken inside of me, little by little I found myself again. I’ve already changed my religion along the way. I’m completely open to getting to know religions, I’m open-hearted”, she said, very moved.

Secret Truths 2

Soon after, Camila Queiroz told a little of what’s to come in the soap opera Secret Truths 2. The continuation of the plot of Walcyr Executioner, which is currently being re-exhibited on Globo’s nights, debuts on GloboPlay and is already being recorded.

What I can give as a spoiler is that all the characters from the first season, who come back in the second season, are transformed, mature, mainly me and Agatha, who were girls, very thirsty for the pot. It will surprise everyone and it is closer than anyone imagines”, concluded the artist.

It is worth remembering that, serving as a kind of waiting room for the sequel, Globo decided to show the rerun of Secret Truths. The plot is aired on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on the Rio de Janeiro network.

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