Camilo Moya will miss the next two dates of the National Championship

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The blue midfielder saw the red card in just two minutes into the game and will miss the games against Audax Italiano and Palestino. Esteban Valencia adds problems.

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© Agency OneCamilo Moya will miss the next two dates of the National Championship

University of Chile has not managed to lift the course after the defeat in the Superclassic against Colo Colo and already accumulates three dates without knowing of triumphs. The blues have not looked good on the court in recent days, complicating themselves in the table of positions of the National Championship and already being practically discarded from the fight for the title.

After the loss to Santiago Wanderers and the injury-filled draw against Deportes Antofagasta, Esteban Valencia was forced to move the pieces. And one of the variants that he added was that of Camilo Moya, but things turned out totally the opposite of what was expected.

In the duel before Everton, where the U had to suffer with the studs that made them arrive at the Sausalito stadium on the hour, the midfielder barely added minutes. And it is that when the clock marked 2 ‘, he was expelled by a strong tackle.

Moya went to dispute a ball with Dilan Zúñiga 20 seconds into the game, when trying to kick the ball he left his leg up. The impact on the knee of the roulette wheel was in evidence, but it was not until the intervention of the VAR that the referee José Cabero decided to show him the red card.

The U was left with 10 as soon as the game started and ended up falling by the minimum count. And as if the result were not enough, on Tuesday night the Disciplinary Court gave another headache to Bulla, since the steering wheel received a two-date punishment.

After the judge’s report and the ugly entrance to Zúñiga, Moya had a harsh sanction, which will marginalize him from the next commitments. Some that will not be easy at all, since the U will have to face Audax Italiano y Palestino.

Valencia will have to move the pieces in his scheme again to regain his smile. Of course, good news is that for the clash with the Italians they recover Mario Sandoval (sent off against Colo Colo) and Marcelo Morales (saw the red against Santiago Wanderers).

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